Florian Segginger

Co-Founder of Fullrange Interactive LLC

Bachelor of Science in Embedded Systems, HEIG-VD

I am an engineer specialized in Embedded Systems Programming with strong skills in web development and a passion for events. This enables me to have a deep understanding of pluridisciplinary projects that mix technology and design.

I enjoy working close to clients and finding solutions to fulfill their needs.

My academic education is completed by entrepreneurial experience in 2 tech start-ups and an internship in a large private bank. This has allowed me to learn how to manage large projects alone or in a team, establish scope statements and complete them according to the deadline. I enjoy projects that are at the crossings of art and technology, as these allow creativity to take place in unprecedented ways.

This website serves both as my résumé and my portfolio. You will find an answer to any question you may have about my current and previous work.